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Quattlebaum Counseling

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About the Project

Mary Quattlebaum of Quattlebaum Counseling approached Mindful Websites after attempting to create her own website. She wasn’t too pleased with what she put together, and she came to us to turn her DIY site into a professional website that would attract more clients to her therapy practice. We spoke with her over video call and got to work as soon as she completed our intake forms. Within one month, we unveiled her new website. It started paying off immediately. 


Within 3 months of launching the new site, Mary was ranked at the top of Google for the local search phrase “Colleyville TX Therapist”, thanks to the search engine optimization we performed on her site. Combined with the Google ads we ran for her, Mary almost immediately had a full caseload. Not even 6 months after hiring us, she was looking to hire an additional therapist!

Full Caseload

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