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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need a website?
    If you're totally slammed and can't handle any new business, then no. If you want to start growing your business, then yes. Your website functions as a hub for all your online activity and allows potential customers to learn more about you at their convenience.
  • What is the website project process like?
    After you request a meeting, we'll set up a phone or video call with you. After the call, we'll create and email you a proposal with an overview of the project, scope of work, timeline, what we need from you, budget, and terms. If you’re happy with the proposal, you can e-sign at the bottom. At that point, we will invoice you for half of the total project cost as a deposit. Then, we will send you a handful of forms that will allow us to gather all the information we need to ensure your project is a success. Once we have those, we will start on your project and notify you when it is complete and ready for revisions. After a maximum of two rounds of revisions, we launch the project. You pay the remainder of the project fee. Any marketing or maintenance agreements go into effect.
  • How many revisions do I get?
    We will perform up to 2 rounds of revisions on all creative projects. Any revision requests beyond that will be billed at an hourly rate of $120.
  • What is your billing cycle? (for marketing clients)
    Any marketing agreements are billed monthly on the 15th and apply to our marketing efforts delivered that month. That means if we did any work that was delivered/running/used on March 1st, you will be billed on the 15th of March for the entire month of March. We do not allow half months or sudden cancellations. If you would like to cancel your marketing agreement, please do so a month (30 days) in advance. This is our policy because we plan and create all the content (emails, social posts, blogs, etc) up to a month in advance. If you cancelled in the middle of the month and did not pay, you would effectively be robbing us of 45 days of labor. We will take you to small claims court to ensure we are adequately compensated for our hard work and time.
  • Will I be able to edit my website after it's done?
    Absolutely! If you want to make edits to your website on Wix or WordPress we can send you some resources (articles and videos) that will help you start managing your own website.
  • Will my website look good on mobile devices?
    Every website we build is optimized for mobile devices. For many businesses more than half of your site visitors will be on mobile so a great mobile experience is key.
  • Can you make me a mobile application?
    No, we do not do mobile development. However, it is extremely rare that a small business needs its own app. The mobile version of your website is more than enough your customers.
  • How long will my project take?
    Once we've started the project, they take roughly: Wix and Squarespace Websites - 4 weeks WordPress, Shopify, and Webflow Websites - 8 weeks Logo or Graphic Design: 2 weeks Marketing projects: Ongoing
  • Where can I learn digital marketing?
    Digital marketing can be a great career path or business opportunity. Want to learn how to market and design online? For general digital marketing, I recommend starting with Google's free 40 hour Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course. To learn to code, I recommend Team Treehouse. To learn WordPress, start with WP101. To learn search engine advertising, check out Google's free certifications. For Facebook advertising, see Facebook's free courses. For inbound marketing, try HubSpot's Inbound Marketing certification. HubSpot also has an email marketing certification. They have a ton of courses, check them out. HootSuite has a social media marketing certification. Moz has some courses on SEO (but can be pricey). That should be more than enough to get you started. But, the very best way is to build and market your own business!
  • What is the payment schedule?
    All design projects are billed half up front before we start work, and half on delivery of the final product with net 7 terms.
  • Can you manage the website for me?
    We'd be happy to. You can see more about our WordPress maintenance plans here.
  • Can you write everything on my website for me?
    It is not included in any package, but we can write your copy for 0.25c per word.
  • Who will own the website and the domain?
    You own the website and the domain. It's your digital property. If we're hosting your website and you want to move the website off our servers and onto your own we can help for a $250 moving fee.
  • Can we meet face to face?
    No, all of our client meetings are done over the phone or via video call. Technology has allowed meetings to be more efficient if ran remotely. We both save on travel time and the hassle of organizing an in-person meeting. If you absolutely need to meet in person, we can arrange a consultation price to compensate for our time and travel expenses.
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