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Five Signs That You Need a New Website

Updated: May 2, 2023

When it comes to web design, customers have set a high bar. A website is one of the most important marketing elements of any business, and it's easy to see why users demand more from their online shopping experience. New features, layout changes, and fresh designs are some common ways websites get updated or redesigned.

A successful website provides a solid basis for all marketing efforts and KPI targets. Users will form assumptions if the website doesn’t have a firm foundation, which won't convert beyond a quick look.

The Top 5 Signs That Your Website Needs to Be Rebuilt

These five signs are just the start when it comes to outdated information and algorithms.

As a reminder, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In general, you should significantly update your website every two to three years. Consider how quickly technology and algorithms change in the digital realm; that's a lifetime of updated software and updates. Old is outdated!

  1. The website is not secure (according to Google)

In 2022, security will be the first priority when it comes to developing a solid SEO. Making sure your site has an SSL certificate is a crucial symbol of safety levels in response to changes in domains and algorithms.

Payment issues on e-commerce sites expose your business to risks that may be avoided if your website were secure. There's a chance of cyber assaults resulting in loss of confidence and dependability among consumers if your site is faulty.

Quick tip! If your site has undesirable links or unexpected pop-ups when a person tries to visit it, don't put it off any longer and get rid of the whole thing.

  1. Your website appears to be out of date

They say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Let's make an exception for websites, since they need to appear new and up to date.

A website's major objective is to work flawlessly and effortlessly. It must also appear modern. Consider a scenario in which you are seeking information on a website but it appears outdated. Should they trust the site? Consumers need to know that the data they're looking for isn't only correctly obtained but visually acceptable. Not everyone pays attention to the blog's published date or when a product was first released. Visual trust is just as essential as accurate information.

This complements your corporate logo. If you've made significant improvements to your branding in the last five years, it's time to update things. A website, no matter how big or little, is a reflection of brand care. It's like a chain reaction!

Changing one aspect of a logo, color scheme, or even corporate statement necessitates the updating of all marketing channels.

Here's a list of things you should think about upgrading:

  1. New contact information.

  2. Update your project portfolio and add any new announcements.

  3. New services or goods are being developed.

  4. New members have joined the team.

  5. New credentials and accolades are available.

  6. Your Site Isn't Mobile-Friendly

Over half of all internet searches are now conducted on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. If your site isn't optimized for these devices, you're losing a lot of prospective customers and perhaps a lot of revenue. This one is self-explanatory: it's time to build a new website if your current one isn't mobile-friendly.

  1. Your bounce rate is high

The percentage of single-page visitors to a website is referred to as the "bounce rate." To put it another way, it's the proportion of individuals who visit your site and remain on just the first page. Readers that bounce are more likely than those who click through to another page not to find what they were searching for, to be uninterested in learning more, or to find your site too sluggish or complicated.

A new design might help your site's issues, and it may encourage users to stay longer by removing some of the clutter. It's reasonable to assume that a fresh website should be considered if your bounce rate is consistently over 70% throughout your site (or at the very least, a new copy and content update).

  1. Conversion rates are low

Simply said, if your website isn't generating enough leads or conversions, it's probably time for an upgrade. If more than one issue looks similar to the ones we've listed, you should update your company website.

What Should You Do Right Now?

If you're still undecided, or if you've responded "yes" to a number of these questions, Parrot Digital provides virtual consultations to discuss your objectives and assess your current website to see whether it needs an upgrade. Call us at 512-222-8359 or fill out our online contact form for a consultation!


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