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Ian Lindstrom: The Playground of Business

In this post, we'd like to feature one of Austin's leading business people, a partner we've worked with on many projects. Someone we think folks should know.

In the bustling world of business, there's a business leader who doesn't just create success; he designs experiences that are nothing short of a joyride. Meet Ian Lindstrom, the vivacious American entrepreneur from Austin, TX. With a knack for turning spaces into playgrounds of delight, all while championing diversity and empowerment.

Ian Lindstrom, Austin Entrepreneur

The Maestro of Experience Design

Ian Lindstrom does not see himself as a suit-and-tie executive. He's the maestro of experience design, turning every project into a symphony of sights, sounds, and smiles. From designing physical spaces to whimsical retail wonderlands, Ian's creations are more than spaces—they're adventures waiting to unfold. By crafting stories that people can step into, indulge in and share with friends and family he helps weave a tapestry of memories that linger long after the experience ends.

Playful Passion for Diversity

But Ian's playfulness extends beyond design—it's a force for positive change. He's not just an entrepreneur; he's committed to diversity and empowerment. Ian Lindstrom champions the cause of women and minorities in business with gusto, rallying for equality at the top of opportunity.

Founder of the Austin Business Dojo, he has set his focus on educating, training, and supporting women and minorities in business. “Business is a highly gatekept field, there is a reason why most of the CEO’s in America are white men. Maybe we can change that…”

Ian Lindstrom carries this same ethos to his own endeavors with the Cute Camera Co. A women-run, minority-owned enterprise that seeks to give women a voice in photography. “Surprisingly photography is an industry/passion that many women feel uncomfortable diving deep into because of the culture of condescension to newcomers…especially if you happen to be female. We are changing that, everyone should be welcome.”


Grand Finale: A Legacy of Whimsy and Wisdom

Ian Lindstrom's impact isn't confined to blueprints and profit margins. It's a rollercoaster of ethical business practices, sustainability loops, and heart-pounding contributions to society. His ventures aren't just economic powerhouses; they're neighborhood block parties, creating jobs, supporting local communities, and inspiring the next generation of business trailblazers. His legacy isn't just about numbers and projects; it's a kaleidoscope of passion, diversity, and an unwavering commitment to making the world a more playful place.

Check him out on his website,


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