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Web Design Case Study: Daniele's In-Home Childcare

Updated: May 2, 2023

Recently I spoke with Daniele of Daniele's In-home Childcare, a daycare company in Guyton, Georgia, about their experience with my web design services. Her business has quadrupled since she hired Parrot Digital. Here's what she had to say!

Company name

Daniele's In Home Childcare

How long have you been in business?

8 years

How many employees do you have?


What are some of the objectives of your department at this time?

Have reached my goals of staying completely full with a waiting list and charging more

What are your goals?

Constant clientele

What challenges were you experiencing prior to purchasing our service?

People finding me

How have you benefited from using our product or service?

I have more customers than I can even provide my service for and waiting a list

What challenges and objectives led you to look for a solution?

Not enough clients to provide care for to maintain a steady income

What might have happened if you did not identify a solution?

Looked for a different career

Did you explore other solutions prior to this that did not work out? If so, what happened?

I tried word of mouth but still didn't have enough steady clientele as well as fb ads. My clientele has definitely reached a level that I had no idea was capable. I have people that are willing to pay me much more for the service because my website is professional.

What did your decision-making process look like?

I contemplated wether it was worth what it costs. After talking with you I believed it could make a huge difference in my business.

How did you hear about our product or service?


Who was involved in the selection process?

Myself and my husband

What was most important to you when evaluating your options?

Price and your professionalism

What made our service stand out against our competitors?

Price was competitive and your prompt response

How long did it take to get up and running?

2-3 weeks

Did that meet your expectations?


Who was involved in the process?

Caleb and his partner, myself and my husband

Is there a particular aspect of the service that you rely on most?

Contact form and prompt responses

Who is using the service?


How is the service helping you save time and increase productivity?

Almost all the information I go over in interviews is laid out perfectly on my website. When I interview someone they know exactly what I expect

In what ways does that enhance your competitive advantage?

Accessibility and professionalism

How much have you increased your key metrics? (Sales, leads, views, etc)

At least 300%

I'm looking forward to seeing Daniele's In-Home Childcare continue to grow!


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