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Web Design Case Study: Golden Disaster Restoration

Updated: May 5, 2023

Golden Disaster Restoration is a new home disaster restoration company here in Austin, Texas. They hired me to build them a website before they launched their company. Here's what the owner, Trevor, has to say.

Company name

Golden Disaster Restoration

How long have you been in business?

Zero. Starting the business in 3-4 weeks.

How many employees do you have?

Just my wife and I

What are some of the objectives of your department at this time?

Still in the start-up phase. We are buying equipment and lining things out to go full time in 3 weeks.

What are your goals?

My goal is to grow my business by being the best in the industry and become profitable.

What challenges were you experiencing prior to purchasing our service?

I did not know how to build a website.

How have you benefited from using our service?

Yes. The website looks great.

What challenges and objectives led you to look for a solution?

The website I started on myself looked amateur

What might have happened if you did not identify a solution?

I would not have a website and would look less credible online

Did you explore other solutions prior to this that did not work out? If so, what happened?

Yes, I explored other options and was not satisfied

What did your decision-making process look like?

I posted an ad with a brief description of what I was looking for and I picked who I felt offered the best value

How did you hear about our product or service?


Who was involved in the selection process?

Just me

What was most important to you when evaluating your options?

Quality of work

What made our service stand out against our competitors?

Local to Austin so I felt might better understand what I'm looking for

How long did it take to get up and running?

~3 weeks

Did that meet your expectations?


Who was involved in the process?

Me and Caleb

Is there a particular aspect of the service that you rely on most?

Nothing in particular

Who is using the service?

Customers who need water restoration

How is the service helping you save time and increase productivity?

Gives me more exposure to potential clients

In what ways does that enhance your competitive advantage?

Some of the competition does not have a website

How much have you increased your key metrics? (Sales, leads, views, etc)

Zero so far - The company hasn't launched yet!

Best of luck with your new company Trevor!


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