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Quem somos nós?

Deixe-nos Explicar.


Nós somos um Empresa de web design e marketing digital com sede em Austin focado em entregar grandes ideias e maiores resultados para empresas prontas para começar a crescer mais rápido.

Nada gostamos mais do que ultrapassar os limites do que é possível em design e marketing. Nossos clientes tendem a ser empresas de serviços locais, startups e outros negócios de vários tipos, prontos para o próximo nível, mas sem um plano para chegar lá.


Primeiro, nos concentramos em garantir que você tenha uma marca forte e uma estratégia de marketing em vigor. Em seguida, aproveitamos o design gráfico e web, a otimização de mecanismos de pesquisa, as mídias sociais, a publicidade paga por clique, o marketing por e-mail e tudo o mais que for necessário para gerar novos leads e vendas e aumentar sua receita.

Nosso trabalho é fazer seu negócio crescer.


O que nos torna Diferente?

O Parrot Digital Marketing funciona como uma extensão econômica do seu negócio. Para aquelas empresas que não estão prontas para contratar um especialista em marketing ou web designer, mas estão prontas para crescer, podemos preencher essa função com eficácia. Na verdade, fazemos melhor do que uma contratação em tempo integral - temos experiência em web design, PPC, SEO, marketing de mídia social, marketing por e-mail, design gráfico, edição de vídeo, redação e muito mais. A melhor parte? Você pode obter todos os nossos talentos por menos do que o custo de um funcionário iniciante em tempo integral e não terá que se preocupar com impostos sobre a folha de pagamento, retenção na fonte e toda aquela bagunça de RH.

Não estamos sem intervenção - você nunca se perderá na confusão. Manteremos contato próximo por telefone, e-mail e mensagem de texto.

Equipe Papagaio Digital

Howdy! I'm the owner of Parrot Digital Marketing, Austin's best-reviewed web design studio.

I've been working full-time as a self-employed web designer and digital marketer for half a decade and and have worked on hundreds of sites across a range of platforms, including Wix, WordPress, WebFlow, Shopify, and Squarespace. I've managed seven figures in ad spend across Google, Facebook, and YouTube. I also helped teach a digital marketing bootcamp at the University of Texas at Austin. I lead a course on web design with over 7,000 students and recently wrote a book on marketing for new business owners.

In my free time, I read, play guitar, travel, work on creative projects with friends, and watch a lot of documentaries. Recommend me one!

Caleb Jost

Owner, Designer, Marketer

Hey, I'm Corbin. I've been immersed in the arts all my life. I received my degree in Neuroscience at UT Dallas and then joined my brother in his business. I love working on multi-part design and marketing projects that help our clients flourish.

If I'm not at work, you can probably find me hiking the Greenbelt with my amazing Australian Shepherd, Zora.

Corbin Jost

Creative Director

My drive to experience life to its’ fullest, while inspiring others to do the same, is my motivation. In other words, I genuinely desire your life and/or business to be a beautiful, success.

I believe in working towards your dreams, but enjoying yourself while doing it. Life is all about the journey, right?! Expect an easy, fun and extremely rewarding work process; a personal, positive, working relationship; and creative results for your business or life, greater than you ever imagined possible.

Not only am I a creative, easy-going individual, but I like to take a balanced approach in life, as I also enjoy working with numbers, fine details, having a plan, and keeping organized.

Emily Saler

Branding Strategist

Hi there, I'm Emily.
I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do to keep your business running, create content that matters, work in your zone of genius AND keep the creative juices flowing.

If you’re like me, you’ve likely run into some problems trying to do it all.

Maybe you’ve even wondered if there was someone that can help you, someone that gets you.

Writing isn’t for everyone and I get that. Whether you’re a writer or not, writing for your business can take a lot of time. And it may be time you simply don’t have.

I know you want to be a kickass biz owner and creative entrepreneur, so let me do what I love so you can get back to doing what you love.

Emily Hopper


Hi, I’m Kai. I’m a senior designer here at Parrot Digital. I got my degree in Multimedia Arts from Mapua University. Being part of this team, we get to help brands and businesses establish their identity and make their presence grow in their respective industry. I always believe art is the highest level of creativity and that it’s one of life’s source of enjoyment.

K Bundalian

Senior Designer

Nice to meet you! I'm G. In case you didn't notice, Kai and I are sisters. I do a wide variety of design work at Parrot Digital. Mostly, I focus on building websites. I love working with databases and content management systems to build scalable websites that both look and function at the next level.

G Bundalian


Hi there, I'm Ken, and I'm your friendly SEO guy on this exciting digital marketing adventure. What is my goal? Decoding Google's algorithm and guiding our clients to online success!
I navigate the ever-changing SEO landscape and search engine results using my trusted keyword, link building, and content tactics.
When I'm not fine-tuning metadata or doing technical audits, I like to sip a decent cup of coffee and stay up with the SEO game.

Phamkein Laid

SEO Specialist

Meet Pearl, your amiable Account Manager at Parrot Digital. With a rich background in Operations/Project Management spanning 6 years, she has honed her project management skills while overseeing web developers and designers in the dynamic field of digital marketing. Proficient in various platforms and software, Pearl ensures the prompt delivery of high-quality projects.

Beyond the professional realm, Pearl reveals a vibrant personality. Her love for the color pink is evident, and she describes herself as a Selonophile (lover of sunsets), Astrophile (enthusiast of celestial phenomena), and Hodophile (adventurer). Adding to her diverse interests, Pearl finds joy in sunflowers, cooking, and, of course, indulging in a good cup of coffee. This multifaceted blend of professional competence and personal flair makes Pearl a delightful and well-rounded individual.

Pearl Edraira

Account Manager

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